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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

21 months...and a few days!

In her new favorite jammies, real jammies, no footies, drinking a smoothie out of a glass.   Where is our baby going?
Lucy suddenly seems so big, so independent, so sure!   Lately she's insisted on wearing a bib, the SAME bib, all day long.  Do you know what that thing looks like by bedtime?   I choose my battles and for now that nasty bib doesn't even come close to making the list for "worth it".  Her independence makes her so much fun to be around though.  I laugh my whole day through.  Yesterday we were looking for new shoes.  After trying on one size I wanted her to try on the next larger size just to see if they were a better fit.  She told me "no".  We negotiated, I explained, she said "no theeezz".  Finally, I convinced her after a bite of granola bar, to try on the second pair.  She tried them on and we walked over to the fake rock set up for trying out your shoes.  She got half way up, stopped, sat down, took off the shoes, threw them down and said "NO"!   A girl who knows what she wants.
Not only is she working hard to learn how to negotiate with her family, Lucy's language is also developing.  Right now Lucy speaks in teeny tiny baby sentences.   It kind of feels like we're living with Cookie Monster.  The other night she picked all of the feta cheese out of her salad and then turned to me and said "Chez YUMMY!".   Ahhhh...Me love Lucy!!!

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