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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day-2012

It was a sweet, simple, fairly ordinary day around here.  Hooray!  

A couple of my favorite moments...

*Snuggling in bed with Lucy this morning and saying to her --I wish you could get momma a cup of coffee, and having her hand me her bottle.  We feel the exact same way about our morning drinks!

*Emma's mother's day card which included "Thanks for saving money for me to go to college"  only Emma!

*Napping for 2 hours, I thought I'd watch a movie but just feel asleep, it was lovely!

*Waking up from my nap and laying there just listening to all the happenings in my house, so full, so happy, so fun.  
We shared a cookie after dinner,  she licked all of the icing off and then handed it to me "for momma" she said!

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