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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Walking Hamburger

Not long ago we ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant.  It happened to be next door to a burger joint which was advertising their place with a man in a hamburger suit.  The walking hamburger roamed the parking lot for much of our meal.  We were sitting on a patio right off of the parking lot and had a perfect view.   Lucy was terrified.  She kept hiding her eyes and crying "ho ho ho".   She calls anything in a costume a ho ho ho...guess it reminds her of scary Santa.  She says the same thing for people wearing motorcycle helmets and animals that walk upright. 
 We were reading Yummy, Yucky the other day, one of the pages reads "Burgers are yummy".  Lucy immediately started shaking her head and saying 'ho ho ho".   She then began telling me a whole story of which I only understood a few key words "no, ho ho ho, mommy, Emma, Ellie, daddy!"   We read on but she kept turning back to that page and repeating her story.  
We keep finding her reading Yummy, Yucky to herself.  She stares at the hamburger picture, sort of daring herself I believe, to face her fear!  

Of course it's never long before someone comes along with a little support! 

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