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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dinner in London...or at least pretty close.

This year we've declared our summer weekends---vacations.  So as near as we are able we're having nothing but fun on the weekends.  This weekend that include Jungle Boogie at the Zoo, dance class, Circus Flora, swimming, running, and bike riding. Pretty darn vacation like!   But our last bit of fun topped it all.  We are doing a little study of Shakespeare around here and decided that dinner at the Fox and Hounds Pub at the Cheshire Lodge would be a good way to experience a London pub without all the expense of a London vacation.  We knew we'd have fun (no cooking!  hamburgers!) but WOW, we had such a great time.  The kids loved the little pub setting and getting to wander around the hotel while they made our dinner.  We also had the most fortunate encounter with Rickey, an employee at the Cheshire who pretty much treated the girls like they owned the place.  He gave us a grand tour and was full of all sorts of fun facts.  We'll be back, that's for sure!

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