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Monday, August 6, 2012

Our harvest

We've never had any luck with tomatoes.  Usually our garden will produce a few...and by few I mean maybe 4.  We've had squirrel problems, bug problems, and just plain problems.   The tide has turned, this year at least and we've hit the tomato jackpot.  For five tomato lovers things just can't get much better.  Our lycopene levels have to be sky high!  I did actually look up the effects of too much lycopene...really, we're eating that many tomatoes!  Seems your skin may turn orange...hmmm, that may not really be considered a problem around here.  In other garden news our basil, something we've always had loads of, is pitiful and everything else is less than stellar...but who cares, those lovely tomatoes, they make up for everything else!

Today's harvest!  

She loves the cherry tomatoes, picks them herself and eats them like candy.


Grandpa...Bill said...

Fresh salsa!

TurnageM said...

That's funny, my tomatoes are sad this year but the basil and sage are growing wild. Sadly, the cilantro quit back in late June. nice!