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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Nearly Nine.

Recently someone said to me that the transition to motherhood must have been easy for me, being an elementary school teacher.  Goodness, no.  I knew nine year olds not newborns.  I was so totally and completely unprepared.  But from the very first moment Emma was the perfect teacher.   Oh, the mistakes I've made ( make!).  The hopeless attempts, the derailed ideas, the misguided thoughts.  The strive to have all the answers, the futile attempts at perfection.  And there's my Emma loving me through it all.  And there's my God- through all the mess ups I've always believed that God knew what he was doing, even when I didn't.   I'm so thankful that 9 years ago He trusted Kevin and me to take care of and raise this beautiful child!  

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