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Friday, September 21, 2012

Our week...

This week goes under the SUCCESS column!  Each week seems to be smoother than the last, as we get into our school routine.  The only bummer was that Kevin was in California all week. We're missing him like crazy and praying his flight is on time tonight!

After a week full of before and after school clubs, practices, lessons, a symphony concert and a block party we're whipped.  Ellie and Lucy snoozed until 7:50am and Emma had to be at school at 8...some of us ate breakfast in the van outside of the school, I'm just glad no one had to get dressed in there!

 Last night El slept with me, on these long travel weeks for Kevin, the girls each sleep with me one night.  As we were going to bed Eleanor said, "mom, you never fed us dinner".  Yikes!  Emma had a strange but easy request for biscuits as soon as she got home from Girls on the Run last night, we had 40 minutes at home between GOTR and soccer practice.  I'd intended to make tostadas but the biscuits threw me off, so we ate biscuits and honey and then left for soccer.  Em's buddy, who rode home with us last night, fell and got hurt at practice so we got ice cream cones on the way home, just to make things a little better.  So it seems I fed my kids biscuits and ice cream for dinner last night.  Awesome.  Which is probably why Lucy woke up at 4 this morning asking demanding milk.  And then of course got in bed with El and me, which meant in no time I was squeezed out of my own bed.  

In happy, happy news, someone put toilet paper on the toilet paper holder and it wasn't me!  When I went into the bathroom this morning this is the sight I saw.  A new roll of toilet paper on the holder.  Sure there's random toilet paper on the floor and the package of other rolls is just laying there but I'm not complaining!

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Grandpa...Bill said...

Thank you Melissa - just make me laugh simle and remindes me buy some toilet paper on the way home.