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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Thankful today for:
a cold winter
the first signs of spring
wonderful friends who listen and are smart and passionate and give me hope for all that the world can be
clean water
fresh flowers
our upcoming Spring Break
remembering to renew my license the day it expired
Pi Pizzeria
teachers who love my children
handmade pillows and neck warmers made by 2 sweet crafters
garden plans
being a best job ever, and I've had some good ones
living close enough to school that we can walk...even when we weren't planning to
Triple A
being related to the 2 year old red head at the DMV who belted out the ABCs, while dancing in a fancy, green dance costume, sans boots and coat.  And who responded, when I asked her to put her boots back on, "I'm a ballerina, and I don't dance in boots" making the very tense room laugh.
not rushing
rainy days, but just sometimes
trying something new, being terrible at it, showing up over and over again and not giving up
being healthy both in body and mind
my parents, who have loved me always and remind me of what I'm made
my brother, who will always be my baby brother but who I'll always be in awe of
texting...but not while driving
The Gathering
a clean closet
my extended family, it's unbelievably extended in all kinds of directions and so full of life and love
reading "Good Night Zoo" for the 500th time and still making Lucy laugh on the dark page with just eyeballs
my cozy little house
having goals and plans but trying hard to remember to be 100% here in this moment

But everyday, and most certainly today, the four souls that make me certain this is the most lovely life I could have ever hoped for...

Emma, who is deep and strong and full of love
Eleanor, who is wise and compassionate and my compass
Lucy, who is joy filled and spontaneous and all in
Kevin, who is brilliant, and kind, and the very best sort of man

Good bye 36!  You were kind and fun and filled me with love and lots of laughter.  You also stretched my thinking and my heart and gave me much to wonder about.  Hello, 37!  I'm ready... I have a very good feeling about you.

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