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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Just another reason

I think we live in the best spot.  We can easily decide to go to the zoo for an hour after school.  It's the most perfect time to go.  The crowd has left, it's quiet, and there is a defined amount of time you can spend....the zoo closes at 5 during the school year.  In the summer we visit at 8am, right when they open, it's pretty wonderful then too and we can spend a long time without the sun beating down on us too much or the crowds overwhelming us.

In all the many, many times we've visited our zoo I can only think of few that have not led us to the elephants.   Today Emma said, "every time I forget how big they are and how calm".  

Eleanor was with us too but she had a friend along so I had a much harder time capturing her for a picture.

Of course I did though!

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