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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cake and Junk food

  I packed the girls lunches today brimming with all sorts of exciting foods (junk) that I never buy....Capri Sun, tiny bags of Doritos, salami and cheese on dollar rolls.    

Last night Lucy was rocking her babies and yakking on the phone.  I took a photo and she wanted to see it.  I showed her and she said "that not a smile." Her current smile is this pursed lip one, I guess she'd never actually seen it!

We've been baking some end of the year goodies for the girls' fantastic teachers.  Last night we baked
this lemon blueberry cake loaf with buttermilk icing.  Delicious!  Lucy's Minnie Mouse tried to sneak a bite out of one of the mini loaves this morning that we had packaged up for a gift.   I think we'll have to make some more for poor Minnie.

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