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Thursday, February 26, 2015


I'm officially OVER this week.  
Just when I'm starting to feel pretty good, Emma gets sick!
So it goes.

Today's Lenten reflection word is place. 
Initially I thought my picture would be of a place.  A peaceful place, a happy place or maybe a quiet place.

Instead this is my photo...


Leaving work this afternoon I got a flat tire. 
It was not awesome.  
It was 20 degrees outside and I was looking at a 45 minute wait for AAA. 
 Five minutes into my wait a man from the Pine Lawn Public Works stopped and told me I was going to get a ticket if the police saw me just sitting there (never mind the flat tire).   He apologized and said if he wasn't on the clock he would change my tire.
  I'm sure he would have.  
Then the guy pictured above pulled up, hopped out of his pizza delivery car and while shaking his head mumbled  "You're gonna get a ticket, you can't just be here".  
Without a second thought he got a jack out of his trunk and put my spare on.  
I felt shocked and silly but grateful.
I could have felt scared.
But that would have been ridiculous.
I could see both the Pine Lawn Police Department and the school at which I work from where my car was broken down. 
But I could have chosen to be scared.
Wondered what his angle was. 
 And in my worry  I would have missed the fact that 
this man was taking care of his neighbor.
How many times do we miss what is right before our eyes?
Over the last few months I have never been more aware of my place of privilege.
How much my privilege causes me not to see.  It's as though my eyes have been closed when I was so sure I could clearly see.
I am in Normandy to teach and yet I am the one learning.  
And sometimes it's more than I can handle.

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