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Saturday, February 28, 2015



Tomorrow will mark two weeks since I've exercised.  Boo.  But breathing and staying upright have sort of trumped running.  I'm so excited to get back out there!  

Today's Lenten reflection word is powerful.  I cannot think of anything I've done over the last few years which has made me feel more powerful than TRAINING for a marathon.  Obviously it was physically difficult but what makes me feel powerful is the fact that I set such a huge goal for myself and I stuck to it.   I ran so many times when I really didn't want to, when things were piling up around the house, when I felt like I was neglecting friends.  The end goal was important to me and I knew the training was temporary so I stayed focused.  I had lots of time to pray and seek direction and the greatest gift of that time is the fact that a year later I am still benefiting from all those hours with God.  

I think I'm convincing myself to run another marathon.  
I really need to run!!

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