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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April days

On another day I'll write about how exhausting and sometimes defeating life can be.
Because it is.
In fact just last week I had a 24 hour period of the icky sticky blues
Because even in the midst of 
the world, my world, 
is broken.

But even broken can be beautiful

Days at the zoo with Lucy and mom have resumed.   It was even nice enough to ride our bikes last week.
And my bike chain fell off.
And I couldn't figure out how to work the lock.
We rode the carrousel, drank lemonade, brushed goats, held rabbits, and saw the sea lions.
But beautiful.

Our wonderful friends from Colorado visited last week and we had so much fun!  Pizza and ice cream one night and geocaching another!  
People who love us and loving them right back makes life so good.

On Saturday we met Jake, Mirana and Uncle Ben on the Loop for tacos at Seoul Taco.  Then we strolled around on a perfectly beautiful day.   Right before we parted ways, Lucy and Uncle Ben played music on this sculpture.  
As we walked back to our car Lucy said "You know who Uncle Ben reminds me of?  Grandpa Bill!  Uncle Ben reminds me of Grandpa Bill!"
I said, well that's probably because they are brothers.
That blew her mind!
Grandpa Bill has a brother! 
Being related to people who you not only love but you really, really like--- another gift!

"The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks"
-Tennessee Williams

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