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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Drowning my tears

Today was my last day in Normandy.  
I promised myself I would not cry at school.  
Through all the hugs and good byes and moments that I'm still thinking about I didn't shed a tear!

 I was pretty impressed with myself and my total control over my emotions.

I shouldn't have been so smug.

Without warning a tsunami of emotion hit me.
Walking across the parking lot for the last time I was betrayed by my tears.   

  And so I did what came naturally and drove straight to Starbucks and ordered the largest iced tea possible.   

Sometimes when things end there's nothing to do but cry and remember how unbelievable lucky you were that they ever started in the first place.  And toda that is where I am.  Feeling awfully sad but even more blessed.


Grandma said...

You were lucky and they were lucky to have had you. Hopefully the seeds you planted will continue to grow.

Melissa said...

Thanks, Jackie! One of the beautiful parts of being present in the life of another person (family member, teacher, volunteer, friend) is that you never really know the impact you have made.