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Monday, June 29, 2015

Anniversary Hoopla

For the first time in almost 15 years of marriage Kevin and I made a lot of hullabaloo over our anniversary.   We've always celebrated with dinner out but have never done anything more on "special anniversaries".  On our 5th anniversary we were what you might call flat broke plus Emma was a year old and Eleanor was on the way--a trip to celebrate wasn't an option.  On our 10th anniversary I was almost 9 months pregnant with Lucy-- I was waddling pretty close to home!  So for our 15th  we decided we really wanted to celebrate!

We both love cities and the outdoors and wanted to go somewhere that we could enjoy both.  We chose to spend a coupe of days in Boston and a couple of days in Portland, Maine.  It was perfect!  I've never been to either place and have wanted to go to Maine for about 30 years (Hello, Cabot Cove!).  We ate some incredible food...if you are ever in Portland make your way to Duckfat,Eventide, and Fore Street. Took in lots of historic sites and just enjoyed being together.

Plus over 4 days we took 88, 000 steps.  That's almost 42 miles.  We were meant for each other!

I am so grateful for my marriage and for my wonderful Kevin.  I'm thankful for his love, his commitment and for the way we can laugh...mostly at ourselves!  I'm tickled beyond belief at the little family and what we've created over the past 15 years!  Here's to another 15 and 15 beyond that and 15 more!  Love is awesome!

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