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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Hello 2017!

The last day of 2016 found us celebrating our New Year's Eve baby, Eleanor.  
She is quite an amazing kid.  
Let me tell you a story about Eleanor that captures the kind of kid she is.  
In mid December I was sweeping  the living room.  I realized as I bent down to collect all that I'd swept up that I'd not watered the Christmas tree even once since we'd gotten it.  So, since I was already down on the floor I reached into the tree stand hoping I'd find a little water still in there but to my surprise it was totally full!  Irritated I said, "Well shoot,  our tree stand is full of water!  It looks like we have another one of those trees that never drinks.  It won't be long before this tree is bare."  Eleanor rushed into the living room and said, "It's been drinking!  The stand is full because I keep watering the tree".  10 years old and she's watering the Christmas tree.  On her own.  No one asking her to, just thought it up on her own.  That's the kind of person she is.  Always looking around figuring out where she can be the glue.  This girl is a blessing for sure!

We celebrated with a couple of days at the Lake.  Lots of swimming, movies, lounging and time together.  So much fun!
Christmas was wonderful and the break was amazing.  For all I care it could have gone on and on and on....

But instead, today we returned to work and school and  I have to say that I'm pretty impressed with our showing today.  However, it's a good thing we just have two more days left in the week because we don't have a full week in us yet.  

I'm looking forward to 2017.  I have some goals and resolutions and I'm excited by the way I hope they shape the coming year.  Also, we now have a vegetarian (Eleanor) in our house so that will make at least part of 2017 a fun adventure!  

Some exciting things in January....
  • Kevin turns 41 :)  
  • Emma will play clarinet in a prestigious wind ensemble performance at a teaching conference at the Lake. She just made first chair in regular band and we are so proud of her.  She worked very hard for this!
  • Eleanor begins an Acro 4 class.  She is an awesome dancer and was asked by her instructor to move to a class that you ordinarily have to be 13 to take.  Eleanor knows this is really going to stretch her and she's excited which makes me excited!
  • Lucy is a reading machine!  Our whole family is having a great time with her reading and I know January will be a big month for her!
  • I found reading glasses at the dollar store yesterday!  I've needed them for a good three years.  They aren't perfect and they are seriously flawed in the looks department but they really helped me see tonight when Lucy challenged in me in a game of Guess Who.  
Here's hoping it snows so much tonight that we have a snow day tomorrow and we can sleep in as late as we want!  Though I'm setting my alarm fully expecting to be shoveling at 6:20 so I can get Emma to school by 7:10 :)!  No matter, I LOVE WINTER!

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