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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Thanksgiving Edition!

Thanksgiving Break was wonderful! 
 There was an abundance of food, family, friends, and fun!  Also, sleeping in.  Which means that tomorrow will be a rude awakening...literally!  But every beautiful moment was worth it. I felt gratitude around every turn.  For fellowship and laughing and listening to each other.  For food fit for a king, for the people who put love and time into these meals and for the hours spent lingering around the dining table.  For chilly weather, Christmas lights and a warm fireplace.  For long nights of sleep under extra blankets and no reason to rush in the morning.  
For knowing that even though tomorrow is Monday, Christmas Break is sure to hold some of the same sweet reminders of the goodness in our lives!

I'm also thankful for a walk to the zoo with this kid on Wednesday while our house became Thanksgiving central under the cooking direction of Grandpa Bill and the older girls.  Such a very good day!

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