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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Goop, slipcovered furniture and motivation

This stuff is a big help in the laundry room.  I have a lot of stains to conquer every week and I'm thankful to have this little wonder cream on my side.

Before and After
Speaking of stains to conquer, I'm thankful to have slipcovered furniture in the living room.  I don't have to worry if someone spills, drops, drools, uses marker, or otherwise makes a mess. 

I'll take motivation to run in any form I can get it.  After Lucy's morning nap she was ready to roll.  I on the other hand was not feeling it.  It was cold and dreary outside and warm and cozy inside.  Luckily, she had enough energy for the both of us. I'm thankful to have someone else who needs to go outside every day, someone I won't turn down.

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