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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Days 14-21...Say it ain't so

A whole entire week behind. Sounds about right.

I'm thankful for...

Day 14: Our yard.  It is just wonderful; big and growing and full of opportunities for little (and big) gardeners, explorers, readers and dreamers.

Day 15: Viva Las Vegas!  Kevin and I have just returned from our second trip to Vegas this year.  That's pretty comical if you know either of us well.  I enjoyed both trips but this one especially.  I've not counted the number of hours I slept but it was a lot.  Two times I laid down "just for a minute"  only to awaken an hour later.

Day 16: Grandparents.   Our girls have 3 sets of grandparents.  They are 3 very distinct sets of people, which is really a nice experience for our girls.  One thing they have in common is a gigantic love for their grandchildren.  Kevin and I are so thankful that they all chipped in to watch the girls while we were gone this weekend.

Day 17: My own grandparents.  I had the best grandparents a girl could ever have.   They were fun, wise, expressive, loving and lit up when I entered the room.  I know they believed I could do anything and so, even though they're all gone, when a day is tough, or a problem can't seemed to be solved I still rely on them and their positive thinking to get me through.

Day 18: Emma Josephine- She turned 8 and a half yesterday.  My stomach is still in a knot over that.  When I was pregnant with Emma I was teaching 4th grade.  I was so excited to be having a baby but so nervous to actually take care of a baby.  I remember thinking, if she'd just arrive as a 9 year old I'd know exactly what to do.  How can she be 8 and a half?  How?    Emma is quick as a whip, thinks in ways I do not and loves me like crazy.  I'm so very blessed God gave me that girl.

Day 19: Eleanor Dahlia.  She is so much like me that sometimes I feel like I"m talking to myself.   She loves BIG, feels BIG and never misses a thing that's going on around her, even though if you happen to be a loud mouth you probably think she's aloof.  She reminds me to listen, really listen and to wait.  She is a gift to my soul.

Day 20: Lucy Adelaide.   She brings absolute joy into our home.  We wondered for a couple of years if we'd have a third child.  Every once in awhile I'll think of that and my heart skips a beat.....God knew we, no, the world needed her.  This baby girl is amazing, she lights up our entire home and helps make it my favorite place in the whole entire world.

Day 21: Dinner made yesterday.  I made dinner for tonight last night so all I had to do tonight was heat it up!  Hip, hip hooray I thankful for that today!

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