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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Days 9,10, 11 and 12 Still thankful, just behind

I'm thankful to love my home.   It's cozy and comfy and full of my favorite people and things.  It's not big or fancy but it's my favorite place to be.
The other night I was struck by this perfect little corner in our living room.  Not the crazy pintrest/Martha Stewart perfect, perfect in the "made for me" sense.  The chair( a beloved piece of my mom and Gordon's that was given to us after their move) the quilt (made by my Great Grandmother) the mug(a gift to Emma on her 6th birthday)  the Japanese writing(Emma and Ellie's names, written by a friend from DCC, who a year ago returned to Japan) the stained glass( designed by the girls, made by Atril)  the basket of books to be read over and over, the silly murder mystery (no brain cells required).  Perfect, indeed.
I'm thankful for the school our girls attend.  It's truly amazing.  I try not to talk about it too much, it feels like bragging.  A couple of weeks ago the annual Black History Night was held.  It is one special evening.   The children sing, read their own writing, dance and display incredible art work.  I've cried every year.  It's that beautiful.   This year in the middle of the chorus singing  I realized I'll be attending Black History Night for the next 10 years, at which time Emma will be a senior in high school and Lucy will be in 5th grade.  Bring on the tissues.
I love this photo!  El must have dictated this to someone.    It says "my baby sister's seat"  but the fabric was actually her baby sister's sheet.  What a precious memory of the sweet way our Eleanor speaks.  

I'm thankful for PBS.  So many good shows.  I'm just waiting to have someone who will watch Thomas the Train with me again.  I'm missing him.  In the meantime I've loved Downtown Abbey and soon enough Doc Martin will begin again.

The GatheringI'm so thankful for our church.  I could write about it all day.  ALL DAY.  Don't worry I won't.  We searched for 10 years.  No joke.  We stopped a few places along the way but they never felt quite right.  I love that our church is a place for everyone.  No one proclaims to have it all figured out or the answer to every question.  It's a place that makes us think, makes us wonder and for Kevin and me, a place where we've become more purposeful about how we use the time we've been given.

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