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Saturday, October 6, 2012

It was a dark and stormy night.....

A spooktacular meal was planned...chili, mummy dogs, pumpkin donuts and cider.

As spooky Halloween music played, the house was prepared for Halloween!
These three guys flew in to join our decorations this year....they are fast becoming some of my favorites.

But they'll never surpass this kitty.  Every year when I get him out I remember buying him and it makes me smile.  I got him at one of those ridiculously overpriced candle parties.  I was pregnant with Eleanor, Emma was just 2 and spending a heap of money (he was probably 20 bucks or so) on him seemed outrageous, I really hemmed and hawed on this purchase .   
 Lucy told me yesterday, "I no like him", but I still put him out!  

The sleep fairy dropped off matching pajamas for the girls.  I'm so glad they will all still wear the same pajamas without any complaining!
We watched the Legend of Sleepy Hollow to end a fun October evening!  

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