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Friday, October 19, 2012


On Sunday afternoon we had family pictures taken.  It was anyone's guess how things would play out.  Our weekend included a Washington University Girls soccer game, our own soccer games, dance, 3 birthday parties (1 sleepover), a sleepover for Eleanor and Emma with Grandma and Grandpa Jim,  dinner out and a party for Kevin and me, and the Forest Park Forever Fall Family Fest.
Actually we weren't really guessing how things would go, it seemed inevitable that we'd be uncooperative and cranky.  Kevin and I were just hoping to get one good shot of the girls to replace the picture we have hanging in the's a bit outdated, just 2 kids ages 2 and 4.
What a relief!  Our photographer was outstanding and transformed our tired, surly selves into a playful, happy bunch (well, mostly).  After seeing a little preview of the photos I'm so excited.  While I'm looking for something a little more traditional (you know,  all the kids smiling) to replace the old photo,  I'm awfully tempted by this one!  It captures our girls and their personalities so perfectly.  I love it!

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