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Friday, January 11, 2013

I Love Running

I ran this morning and felt no pain!  Praise, praise, praise!!!! Not running bums me out and nutty as it sounds, a haze feels like it's been lifted.   Trust me, it shocks me too.

 Me + Running = Love ????  Wow!

I started running 6 years ago, but I've never considered myself a runner.  My start was slow and bumpy. My mom signed me up the GO! Marathon Relay.  It was only 6 miles but training for that thing was awful.  After that race I was done running.  Until the next January when I signed myself up for the half marathon.  If I thought I'd disliked training for 6 miles well that was a blast compared to training for the half marathon.  Then I ran it and declared I was never running another half marathon.  Until the next day, when my friend Lisa asked me if I'd consider running a half marathon with her.  And I signed right up for that....and I guess that's when I got hooked but that's not when I became a runner.  Not being able to run during this injury has made me realize I. am. a. runner.  I'm not a sleek runner, I'm not fast, I don't have cool running clothes, I sweat buckets, my playlists have terrible taste and even though I'm not supposed to, I love the treadmill.   Yes, I'm a runner.

Coach here (who happens to be upstairs right now NOT napping) offers in home classes.  

It seems that now that I've decided I'm a runner I'm going to have to branch out a little.  After years of complaining about my core strength and overall flexibility I'm ready to try yoga and/or Pilates.  Since I seem to be slow to warm up to new things I suppose I'm going to have to give myself at least 6 years to fall in love.

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