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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My favorite card

Every year I send a Christmas card to our former neighbor Mrs. Callahan.  I'm not even going to guess her age but she has grandchildren older than me.  We loved her and she loved us (to be clear she loves everyone, especially kids, and if you happen to have a red head and a cuddly baby in the mix, watch out!).  She gave us passes for the train at the zoo, Muny tickets, cookies, candy and lots of special attention.  The past couple of years her card has come after Christmas and I have to admit I get a little nervous waiting for it.  It showed up today, complete with a sweet handwritten note, in handwriting just like my own grandmother's, telling me how darling my children are and to please keep her updated. It's hard to believe we moved almost 5 years ago.  Really hard to believe.  It sure is fun to remember back when we lived here..

and when our oldest red head looked like this 

and our chubby baby looked like this

What a great life!

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