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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Joy and Sorrow

Life is a mixture of joy and sorrow, often smooshed together, and intertwined.  I've been very fortunate to have a much higher ratio of joy in my life but this weekend was surely a mixture of both.

We've been waiting years for a family bike ride.  We rented bikes in Sanibel on our spring break in 2010 and loved it!  By that summer I was too big to be on a bike so we looked forward to the next summer when we could ride again.  However the next summer Lucy was too young for a bike helmet so we got excited about the following summer.  Last year we had a little trouble early in the season and never quite recovered.  But this year we were ready!  Bike riding finally clicked with the kids a few weeks ago and when we realized they had a Friday off of school we were so excited to plan a family bike ride.   It didn't matter one bit that it was drizzly and overcast, we still  had a great time and the benefit of getting a little cold meant a stop at Starbucks to warm up.  After Starbucks we decided to check out the newly expanded WG library, which led to armloads of wonderful books. Joy!

We returned home and my dad came soon after so that Kevin and I could leave for Kansas City for the funeral of my cousin Antoinette.  She was only 43 and passed away on Tuesday.  This marks the second cousin I've lost in a little over a year, both of them in their early 40's.  Antoinette was an important person to me and I can still hardly believe she is gone.   I'm so thankful to have known her and to have had her as my older cousin as I grew up.  I'll miss her.  Sorrow.

Kevin and I had 8 hours in the car over Friday and Saturday and we were able to just chat the whole time.  That was a blessing, even though we wished it wouldn't have been for such a sad occasion.  We stopped in Columbia both times through and ate lunch at our two favorite restaurants, Main Squeeze and International Cafe, then got treats for the road,  ice cream one day and coffee another.  We definitely made the most of our time. Joy.

We got home from Kansas City yesterday in time to hang out with the kids for a bit before heading out to an auction dinner with some friends whose kids attend a really amazing daycare , which provides high quality early childhood education to all kids, regardless or their parents' ability to pay.  It did our hearts good to see dedicated, loving people doing what is right for ALL kids.  We need more of that.  Joy.

Today has been slow and easy.  Biking, running, playing in the yard, hanging around the house.   While my heart aches for a sweet soul, I am surrounded by goodness and peace and I know that life is indeed a mixture of both joy and sorrow, joy and sorrow.  

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