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Monday, April 22, 2013


We often find ourselves  beat on Sunday evening.  Our weekends are full and fun and when Monday comes knocking we really want to tell him to come back in another day or so.  But he never listens and week after week insists on showing up and not letting Sunday linger an extra day.  In the past this has made us dread Sunday evening.  We'd try to cram more into the day and end up running late into the evening, trying to finish all the last minute business of getting ready for the week.  It  wasn't fun.  So at the beginning of the school year Kevin and I decided to change our tactic.  Now we try hard to stop everything between 4 and 5.  No more playing with friends, or last minute errands or any of the other gazillion things we might want to do.  The kids take showers and we eat an early dinner (which I try to make beforehand) and we ease into the week. We make lunches, choose clothes for the week, and take a look at the calendar to see what's going on.  It's funny but this all really does have the effect of slowing down the clock and easing us into the week.  Often we all watch something on TV together.  Which means (because we've totally exhausted the least for awhile....of AFV) The Cosby Show or Full House because the current shows for kids are pitiful.     The past few weeks though we've been watching a show called Granite Flats on our Roku box (BYU channel).  We are really enjoying it.  It's an hour long mystery set in the 1960s.  But last night we hit a little glitch and it looked like we might not be able to watch.  Eleanor lost it and yelled "OH, this is it!!  I mean it was a cliff hanger!!!!! and I had to wait all week to find out what happened plus  I've almost forgotten what happened last week.  I've just HAD it!!" Thank goodness we figured out our problem and Eleanor calmed down.  But guess what?  It was another cliff hanger.

The girls teaching Lucy how to curtsey.

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