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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Yesterday on the way to school Emma asked me if I was ever worried that gravity would just stop.  Recently I've not been worrying about that but I do vaguely remember worrying about such a thing when I was a kid.  It lead to a good discussion about worry and just what to do with it.  I told the girls that when I worry about something and I just can't seem to stop, I try to take time to make sense of my worry and put it into perspective.   I pray for understanding and peace and I usually feel relief.  Yesterday afternoon when I heard the terrible news from Boston, my heart sank.  We all work so hard not to spend our lives worrying about all of the what ifs and remote possibilities.  Then a tragedy happens and I just want to grab my babies and hide away, in a place where their biggest worry is momma catching them before they eat every single Easter treat.

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