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Monday, June 24, 2013

It's happening

I'm catching glimpses every once in awhile of just what it might be like to have teenage girls in the house, you know those people who catch you in every little mistake you make.  And help me God, I'm so far out of what's cool that I'm going to be hopeless over the years to's a good thing they like me so much, at least for now.

Take this exchange for example, I was talking to Emma about her hair, it's getting really long and with swimming every day, even with a swim cap, it's becoming a little unmanageable.

Me-  "Maybe you should start wearing your hair like Missy Elliot."
Both big girls (with scrunched noses)"WHO are you talking about?"
Me-  "You know, Missy Elliot from the Olympics".
Emma- "Moooom, that's Missy Franklin"
Me- "Oh for Pete's sake, Elliot, Franklin, they're both men's names"
Girls- Eye rolling and giggling.

I for one happen to think Emma would look lovely in this hairstyle. You didn't realize Missy Elliot existed?   Well she does and she was a fairly popular rapper with my students back in the early '00's.  And now her name, along with all kinds of other useless information is lodged deep into my memory just waiting to jump out and betray me.  

Missy Franklin.  
The two probably get confused for one another all the time.

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