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Thursday, June 6, 2013


Things have shaped right up and just like that we're all loving summer.

Last night I was reminded of how fantastic early summer evenings are.  After dinner we went out to the front  porch and the girls enjoyed an ice cream treat they'd chosen earlier in the day at the grocery store.  It was misting and a little bit cool and such a perfect few moments.  You won't believe it but not 30 minutes later the ice cream truck showed up.  THE ICE CREAM TRUCK!  It never comes by!  You of course know what happened next. Yes, the kids had ice cream again and this time I joined them :).

I love this time of year, when our counter compost bin fills up daily. 

Last week I collected all of Lucy's pacifiers and put them in a tea cup.  It was a little bit of a hard week but I insisted that she could only have a passy when she was taking a nap or going to bed (or traveling to the Lake in the car).  She did pretty well.   This week she's been figuring out ways of getting passys.  One day I asked her..."Lucy, where did you get that passy?" and she replied "I found it in my hand".  Today as I poured myself a cup of coffee I noticed the tea cup was on its side and empty.  Lucy is definitely enjoying having her sisters home!

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Grandpa...Bill said...

Lucy you are just too good - "I just found it in my hand" - it's magic!