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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mom in Chief

I heard about Michelle Obama's confrontation with a heckler.  A reporter on NPR described her as going into a "mom in chief" mode.  That made me laugh out loud.    Tonight for the first in a few I'm breathing easy and enjoying myself so much.  I've been in my own mom in chief mode the last couple of days and it's starting to pay off.

My awesome view while cooking dinner tonight.  The girl is always with a book.  I can hear the other two playing in the basement.    So perfect.   As an aside...can you even believe we eat that many bananas in a week?  I buy them in two different ripening stages.

Lucy has been spending her time going to swim practice and dance classes.  What a good girl she is!  She likes to wear her dance outfits to all of the girls' activities and often takes very important calls.  

Tonight I'm making this lemon chicken orzo soup.  Eleanor helped me to make a menu for the week and she requested this soup and tomato soup.  I know, it's not really soup weather but I think the poor girl has been so cold from swim team that soup is kind of on her mind.  Kevin's not here so I'm only making half and using up leftover chicken from this recipe which I made on Monday--it was excellent!  I'm also leaving out the lemon rind because the kids don't like it.  
Give it a try, or maybe print it for fall ;)!  

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