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Friday, April 4, 2014


April 6th is nearly here and I'm as ready as I'll ever be for my marathon.  I've trained for months, rested this week and am happily carb loading at every single meal.  So many times this week as I've thought about the marathon my stomach has jumped a little, like when you're on a roller coaster.  I'm equally excited and nervous and it's a pretty good feeling.  Mostly these are the things that I think about that make my stomach drop-

1.) I've only ever run 20 miles, how is it even possible to run 6.2 miles further?  

2.) How am I going to swallow another Goo at mile 20?  During my 20 I was DONE with Goos I mean really DONE and so thankful I didn't have to eat another one.  

3.) How will I not cry?  

4.) Am I going to be cold in shorts?  Should I wear a throw away tee?  Those are kind of a pain.

5.) Did I do enough hills in my training?

6.) How am I so blessed to have gotten to do this?  This one is where I wonder about #3 all over again.

Lucy and I picked up my race packet this morning.  I'm in Corral C, which means I'll cross the start line several minutes after 7.  The pace group I'm hoping to run with is in my corral and that was a big relief!  I'm still going back and forth between running with 4:10 or 4:15.  This is tough decision for me.  When I decided to run this thing I had hoped that I would be able to train really hard and maintain my half marathon PR pace.  That would give me a marathon finish time of 3 hours 45 minutes.  HA!  Thankfully I quickly realized that would never happen and so then I kind of felt like I was just running to run and then winter hit hard and so I was just trying to stay upright in all that snow and ice.  Finally a month or so ago I started thinking about pace again and realized I had no flipping idea what I was going to run this race in.  I think I can finish in 4:15 but I think if I finish in 4 and a half hours, or even 5 hours I couldn't be much happier!  I'm so excited to run this marathon!


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