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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Today we planted tomatoes

With weather like this you just can't help but feel good.   Our windows are open and we're outside as much as possible.  

Can you find Eleanor in that group?  That's her at track practice last night.   She's loving it and we're loving sitting outside for an hour watching her.    

Like I said, we're all pretty happy.  

Today Lucy and I were feeling the urge to garden.    So we planted some tomato seeds.  We'll see if anything sprouts.  It would be fun to have our own tomato plants to transplant into the garden next month.  

I'm feeling better every day.  Gotta admit Monday was rough.  By the time Kevin got home I wanted to cry.  I told him,  " what's wrong with me?!  I just want to sit down and sob".   He said " It's called exhaustion.  It happens when you run a marathon.  I brought you a gift."  And he handed me a bottle of ZZZQuil.  True love!! I had trouble sleeping Sunday night but not Monday!  I think I was actually even more sore on Tuesday but I didn't feel like crying so I'd call that a better day!  Today I almost feel normal and  I'm itching to run.

One sort of funny thing about my run has been the credibility I've gained with my older girls.   I'm not really sure what they thought I was doing all these months as I trained but I don't think the distance really clicked until Sunday.  It's been pretty cute and has made my heart feel good.  This morning I was saying that I want to try bike riding around Forest Park without Lucy in the carrier, to start building my confidence.  I'd like to go on bike rides with her but I'm nervous.  Emma said "looks like there's nothing you won't try now that you've run a marathon".  :)  

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