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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

There's always tomorrow...

How is it already April 30th tomorrow?! 

 That means only 1 month until summer vacation begins.  There's a part of me that is so excited but there is another part of me that is terrified.  April and May are always challenging with all of the performances, testing and anticipation of transition for the kids. However, if the past 29 days are any indication of what May will bring, challenging sounds like a piece of cake.  I won't lie, my kids, two in particular, have put me through the wringer for the last month.   I'm tired and worn down and I'm scraping the bottom of my bag of tricks.  

I will prevail though.  

  Yesterday at my core group one of my friends suddenly blurted out, "is anybody else about to fall apart, I mean I am one move away from a break down".  Everyone understood and started chiming in.  Boy is it good to be surrounded by honest friends!  Someone even admitted... "I'm so worried, I just hate summer, all the fighting, the boredom, nobody ever wants to do the same thing, they eat so much, I'm always making food, and the cleaning!". 
 This morning I was telling Emma that one of my friends doesn't like summer.  
Emma's response- WHAT?  Why?  
I told Emma all of her reasons. 
 Emma's response-  Were you talking to yourself because that kind of sounds like your summer. 
That made me laugh so hard.  It does kind of sound like my summer but darn it if I don't love it....most days!  
Here's to a May that turns April upside down and shows it who's boss!

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