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Thursday, May 15, 2014

A noodle

I feel like a noodle, a very relaxed, laid back noodle.  A noodle with lovely toenails and a relaxed back.   I had a massage, a facial and a pedicure today.  It was such a treat!  The best part of all is for the first time in forever my hands are completely pain free.  Completely.  I am typing this in a totally normal way, no fingers I'm avoiding or movements that are making me cringe.  I just stopped typing and made a fist with both of my hands, just because I could.  I've had a fair number of massages but never with this result.  I'm so excited, I could almost cry!  I'm going back in two weeks.
This is happening right now.  Lucy wanted to sit in the chair Eleanor is in.  They fought, El stood her ground.  Lucy came up with a solution.  Wondering about that spot in the middle of the rug?  Teddy did not cause date he's not had one accident!  It was a chili spill last night.  Don't ask.

Today I'm grateful for-

1.) My morning at the spa.

2.) A three day weekend!!  Plus Kevin just decided he's not going to Chicago for work this weekend so he'll be home!  Such fun news!

3.) Everyone is home tonight.  We're going to watch The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again .  I'm expecting it to be as big of hit with the girls as the first was a couple of weeks ago.  I should have thought about making some apple dumplings.

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