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Saturday, April 23, 2011

At this moment...

Today is my last thankful post.  Right now I'm thankful for-

*the gentle, cool rain that is falling outside.  My house is warm and cozy.  Kevin is at the gym, the baby is asleep upstairs, the girls are drawing out on the front porch, cuddled up in their sleeping bags and blankets and I'm inside piddling around.  Perfection.

*my mom and dad.  I've been wanting to write about those two since day one of this challenge.  Every time I start to I cry.  My writing feels far too sentimental and I know you'd never believe what I write even though it's 100% true.  My parents are beyond what any words could portray.  They are my biggest fans and dearest mentors.  I hope I create a childhood for my girls that  comes close to what they created for me.  If I am able, that will be my biggest success in life

*our yard.  The beginning of this month marked two years of living in our wonderful home, making this our third year working in our yard.  It is really coming along.  I feel so happy every time I go outside and see the plants appearing day by day.  After a long winter of dreaming, reading and planning,  Kevin is busy building vegetable garden beds and deciding exactly what we'll put in each one.


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