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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A fantastic adventure!

If you spend any time with Eleanor (she is now going by her given name) it is likely you'll hear things described as fantastic and be privy to the many adventures she goes on.   Yesterday the two of us with Lucy in tow had our own little fantastic adventure.  We went to Illinois.  I had a Groupon for a nursery in Edwardsville so we headed over in search of a couple trees for the backyard.  Boy did we luck out.  Ajh  the owner of Sugarloaf Nursery is a tree expert and takes pride in the trees he has grown.  He taught us about all of the varieties of trees and then took us out into the nursery for our very own look.  We decided upon a Redbud and a Lilac.  Ellie Eleanor chose the very trees that will be planted in our yard.  Ajh tagged each with with a bright orange flag labeled ELEANOR!  He sure knew how to make a friend.
I'm thankful my Eleanor is such a great adventurer.

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Of course she even made it onto the sales ticket.  

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