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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A tofu recipe!

Did I actually write that I was going to post every day?  Oh boy, sometimes my ambitions way outrun my abilities!  I have a lot of yummy recipes to share and maybe this week I'll do better?  I can always hope.

Last night we had-

Lemon Tofu  Now, this link will take you to a recipe for lemon chicken.  Replace the chicken with extra firm tofu.  Freeze it if you can, then thaw it, and press quite a lot of water out of it.  If you don't remember/have time to freeze and thaw it, no biggie, it does seem to improve the texture though.   I cut  the tofu chunks pretty small.  Proceed with the recipe just as it is written.  It is perfect served over brown rice.   Kevin started making this dish right after Emma was born...we were real Rachael Ray 30 Minute Meal Fans. Whenever we make this meal it brings back some pretty happy memories.

I also made1 frozen bag of broccoli (the steam in the microwave kind) and it was devoured by the kids.  We are now officially a two bags of broccoli family.   Thankfully I also made edamame and Kevin, Christy (who we get to see every Monday, because she graciously babysits for us so that we can go to our Core Group) and I scrambled to get some before the kids ate that up too.

Sunday after church we went bowling on the Loop and had lunch and then ice cream.  By dinner we (me) were kind of lazy and not wanting to cook so Kevin made chickpeas in Marsala sauce from Trader Joe' can do better but it's so nice to have a backup meal that doesn't include calling the pizza joint.

Saturday night we had shrimp cocktail, baked potatoes and peas. Kevin gets wonderful shrimp from DOT in (big surprise!) really large quantities.  We were going to have the leftover shrimp for lunch but some silly kid was clearing the table in as few trips as possible and in order to free up her hands for other items, decided that balancing the leftover bowl of shrimp on her head was a great idea.  In her defense she almost made it, however not quite and the shrimp ended up flying into the dishwasher.  Which led to the decision to have lunch out on Sunday.

Many Fridays in Lent we go to a fish fry.  If we don't, we make pizza at home.  This was a pizza at home week.  We had the day off from school on Friday and the girls had a great time getting ready to have some friends over for dinner at "The Baum Family Pizzeria".  Here's the pizza recipe.  We include all kinds of veggie toppings.  This week Kevin and I made one without sauce and put caramelized onions and gorgonzola on top, delicious!  I also made the breadsticks I posted a couple of days ago, which are perfect for dipping in pizza sauce.

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