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Monday, February 11, 2013

See you in Vegas 2036

Every single day my kids make me laugh, often so hard that tears roll down my face.  I do love to laugh.   Eleanor has this great big laugh that comes from her toes and makes her head fall back and it makes my whole heart fill up.  Usually she cracks me up without even trying.  Like when she recently said "you don't even need teeth for this broccoli"(it was a smidge overcooked) or last night when she asked me if I'd help her celebrate her golden birthday (which by the way I'd never heard of a golden birthday until Emma was invited to a golden party---if you're as behind the times as I am, a golden birthday is when your age is the same as the day of your birthday.  For example when Kevin turned 15 he had his golden birthday, since his birthday is 1/15).  I told her of course.  She'll be 31 on her golden birthday so she said "Well, I guess we'll go to Las Vegas".  I love that girl.

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