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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here's the dinner I made for my sweethearts.  It was a hit!

Thanks to my mom, I found out about  this adorable heart shaped parchment wrapped salmon idea.  I used the heart shaped parchment , and the julienne strips of zucchini (also added carrots) but used our favorite Brown Sugar Salmon recipe.  In the past, I've only used brown sugar on the kids pieces, no other spices.  They ate tonight's salmon with the other spices but said they like the plain brown sugar better.


Brown rice made in the rice cooker with veggie stock

Red Jello in the shape of hearts

and Gigantic Cupcakes from the Cup, compliments of Gram and Grandpa Gordon.  Mine was delicious  and my favorite combo of yellow cake and chocolate icing.  I'm erasing it from my memory right now though, otherwise I'm sure I'll be cursing it tomorrow morning at yoga.

1 comment:

Grandpa...Bill said...

Looks like you had to glue Lucy down for this photos...My guess is the cup cake in front of her did not last long!