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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sorry about that game...

It's probably partly due to us.  We all got settled in the basement to watch the first pitch and the tv wouldn't turn on.  It's broken.  Less than two years old (and rarely used!) and some sort of power connector is blown. Lucky us Samsung will cover the cost of the part....$1.  We get to cover the cost of repair...$240.  No thanks.  We've two other working tvs (that seems excessive, I know).  Anyway, we should've called it a night at that point because clearly that was a sign.  Forget the nachos tonight, I'll just cut up some broccoli or something and we'll turn the game on in my bedroom while we read, kind of on in the background.  If that doesn't work maybe we won't watch Game worked for the division series!

I've posted this one before but it never gets old to me!  Baby Emma enjoying her first World Series.  Actually, this might have been a division series game because it seems to me this was in the afternoon....before Kevin got home from work and I wanted him to see the baby cheering on the Cards!

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