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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Special Delivery

October 8th has been circled on our calendar for months!  Yesterday the next book in a series Emma loves arrived on our doorstep, preordered in May to arrive as soon it was released.  In preparation for what was sure to be a marathon of reading Emma doubled up on piano and violin practicing over the weekend, and did her online math and typing programs so she could skip them yesterday. As soon as she walked into the house from Girls on the Run, and gasped and screamed and hugged the book,  she started homework (yay! for a very light night) showered, changed into her pajamas, settled into her bed and dove right in.  I even served her dinner in bed because life just doesn't get any better for a book worm like Emma and I'm happy to indulge her as she's whisked away to Camp Halfblood with The Heroes of Olympus.

and still she reads.  It's one thick book...583 pages.

Wondering what I let Emma eat in bed? A French Dip sandwich....she doesn't eat the sauce and will devour a whole one-gotta keep her stamina up!  One little change I make is to put a slice of provolone in the sandwich, wrap it in foil and put in the oven at 350 for a couple of minutes.

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