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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The very special color purple

I'm committing to blogging daily in November, a daily thankful post.  I love doing that, whether in November or during Lent, it's the same outcome for me, a constant reminder of all the good I have in my life.  I've no idea where that time will come from, since this is only the fourth blog I've done in October and I'm only allowing myself 5 minutes to write it.  I suppose those November posts might be brief, succinct little snippets!

A  quick update on our crew-

-First quarter parent teacher conferences for both Emma and Eleanor were great and we left feeling very proud of their hard work.   Though Kevin and I are fairly certain Emma somehow landed herself in high school and not fourth grade this year.   We actually heard the SAT mentioned and "I'm a really hard grader" and "no more hand holding".  Gulp.  It's true though fourth grade is a huge step up, Emma studies about as much as I did in high school....I'm not exactly sure who that says more about.

-Eleanor's soccer season winds up in a couple of weeks.  She is so much fun to watch!  She'll be starting basketball next.

-The girls' piano teacher is going on maternity leave next week.  A sub teacher will continue to teach Eleanor, who is catching on so quickly.  Emma has decided to take a break, to see if she wants to continue piano or to focus more attention on violin.

-Another month for Girls on the Run for Emma and then she'll run a 5K!  After that she won't have anything after school on Tuesday or Thursday---yay!!

-Emma continues to love ballet above all other activities (excluding reading of course).

-And Lucy, oh Lucy!  So much fun.  Here's a little glimpse into her sweet, sweet mind.....

Last night at dinner Lucy was telling us a very animated story about a stuffed animal....
Lucy- "it might be blue, it might be red, it might be yellow, OR it might be (and here she whispers) the very special color purple!"
All of us giggled!  Emma asked "so Lucy what makes purple so special?
Lucy's response "well, it's blue mixed with red, that's what".

That's it!  I've got to get back into a habit of taking pictures!  This photo is from August!  At the rate these girls grow and change that just won't do.

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