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Friday, February 14, 2014


Do you love this song?  We do!  Some seasons of life are happy and that's where we are and this song just fits.  We have our fair share of drama, fights, tears, and frustration but those aren't incompatible with happiness.  These are the days when happiness is a choice.

Some weeks I do a better job of writing down the little things the girls say that make me laugh....

Eleanor- I love peanut butter!!  Do you think it's something you could eat if you were to lose all of your teeth

Emma, while writing a letter to her pen pal in Spain- Mom, tell me 3 things you like to do that I can tell my pen pal.

Me- Reading, with a warm cup of tea in front of a crackling fire.

Emma- Wow!   How about something a little less embarrassing.

Eleanor the morning of my long run- Yesterday I didn't even think of you once while I was at school, but if I do today I'll pray for you because you're gonna need it.

Me to Lucy after she rolled down the window while driving down the road- What's up with the window?

Lucy- It's hot!  And I had some trash to get rid of.

Me- LUCY!!  We don't throw trash out the window.

Lucy- But it was sticky.

Me- Even sticky trash.

Lucy- Oh, the cars might get stuck on the ground in the stickiness.

Happiness is the truth!

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