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Monday, February 17, 2014

Let it go!

EEK!!  This looks horrible but isn't even half of what we had, I don't have a lens wide enough to capture all of that ugliness

This morning St. Vincent de Paul's came and took away all of the extra stuff I've been collecting over the last month and a half.  It has amounted to a lot.  Books (the first time in 10 years I've gotten rid of any kids books), toys, clothing, small pieces of furniture, sheets, storage boxes that have stored things  we don't need,  and other misc. things.  Whoopee, what a great feeling!

We're having a great day at home today.  The girls played this morning and are watching Frozen on youtube now.    I'd feel badly about that except that I fully intend to buy it once it comes out on DVD.  We thought about going to the LEGO movie but none of us want to leave the house.  We're planning to make granola bars later this afternoon.  Can you even believe how exciting we are?

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