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Monday, February 3, 2014

It's Winter

Kevin and I have never had a garage to park in.  Never having one = not knowing what we're missing.  I think Janie may in her oldish age be telling us something though.  Like due to the fact that we keep her in the elements she wants to retire to Florida.  

This morning all of the van doors were frozen shut.  Why this morning? 14 degrees is old news around here.   Probably because it's Monday and the A Team never shows up on Monday.  We're more of a C Team on Monday, all of us fumbling around like we aren't quite sure what the heck we're doing.  Today that looked like Lucy in her pajamas with no shoes on,  Eleanor hollering about being late, while I frantically tried to figure out how to get into the van.  When I finally pried my door open, which was a feat all on it's own since I was holding Lucy, her lunchbox, my coffee and keys, I started the van and Lucy's door opened.  No such luck with El's door so she climbed through the front passenger door.  We drove off in a rush.  It took us a moment to realize that the door sensor was going off.  Janie thought one of her doors was open and she was letting us know.  None of the lights on the dash that indicate an open door were illuminated so we drove on to school because we were late!  You don't realize how loud that buzzzzzzzz is until you're trying to drive somewhere with it on.  Lucy shouted "TOO MUCH NOISE!  TOO MUCH NOISE" just adding to the cacophony.  By the time we made it to school Eleanor's door opened, saving her the embarrassment of having to climb into the front seat to get out of the van.  Her door hesitated in closing but it did and we drove away, still with the annoying buzzzzz ringing in our ears.  As we drove down Clayton Road the passenger sliding door began to open a bit and Lucy yelled "DOOOORRR OPPPPENNNN!  and then laughed her head off.  I tried shutting the door with the control on the dash, which worked momentarily but then the door would open itself right back up.  It was a funny ride to Lucy's school but we made it.  After getting Lucy dressed (in the van of course) and dropping her off I decided to take my chances on the door not flying completely open and I began to drive home.  As I sat at a traffic light I tried to clean off my windshield.  The wiper fluid sprayed but my wipers were stuck, so the fluid froze on my windshield, then one of the wiper blades flew off.  I started laughing so hard, I didn't think I could drive safely.  Door open, ice on the windshield, wiper blade flying off.  This was worse than C team!  

I'm happy to report that I made it home, and back out again, and home again and that as of this afternoon all systems are go (except for that missing wiper blade).  Doors are opening, shutting and locking.  Maybe I just need to pamper Janie a little more.  Give her a few minutes to warm up before expecting so much out of her.  Since it looks like for at least the next week we'll be lucky to break 30 degrees I'll have ample opportunities to try!  

Lucy no napper.   It's not so much that she gave up her nap, which she didn't, it's that she was giving up sleeping at night, at least until after 10:00 which is not ok with me.  I go to bed at 9:00.  So we're working on weaning her off of the nap. What a fine balance.  We have to put her to bed by 7:30, to protect this delicate balance between being tired and over tired.  Of course there's always a day or two when she falls asleep in the afternoon.  A work in progress....such is life.

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