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Friday, February 7, 2014

If you need me I'll be in front of the Olympics

We made some Russian Tea mix and have been enjoying it in preparation for The Olympics.  I know, not Russian at all but it was the best I could do, I couldn't see borsch going over real well.  I do have a recipe for baked piroshki that I may attempt next week.

I love the Olympics and I'm so excited for them to really begin.  We watched some snowboarding and figure skating last night.   Emma and Eleanor find the commentators negative and over the top in their critique of the athletes.  I'm hoping maybe they'll see how irritating looking for fault in others can be.  I find that to be such a crummy attribute that so many of us seem to pick up over time.  Of course the tv announcers are paid to do this but the rest of, well we can just knock it off,  we don't need to critique everyone on everything (did you hear me Emma and Eleanor?!).  Lucy squealed with laughter as she watched the figure skaters go round and round and round.  Our favorite Lucy quote of the night was when an amazing Canadian skater finished and Lucy said "My Daddy could do that". 
Here's to a wonderful weekend in front of the tv watching as much of the Olympics as I can.  

Lucy's favorite pose right now.  Look at her eyes, one closed and the other focused on her tongue.  She sticks it out as far as she can and then strains to see it.  I blame this on preschool :)!

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