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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

This snowy afternoon

Winter just won't let up!  Thankfully everyone is snug as a bug at home this afternoon. Piano, dance and basketball have all been cancelled--whoopee!! We had school today and it did not dismiss early, which I was also thankful for.  Once when I was teaching we had an early dismissal....oh, what a nightmare!!   

Our street is often used by bikers and runners at all times of the year. I smiled today when we saw a man riding his bike down the middle of the street in the snow.  Earlier we saw a man and a woman running down the middle of the street with their dog.  Winter adventurers! 

Lucy and I baked a loaf of bread using a new recipe today.  We used  The River Cottage Family Cookbook, which we received for Christmas.  Fabulous bread!  We made rice pudding from the cookbook a few weeks ago and it was also excellent.  So far this cookbook is a keeper.

Odds on school tomorrow?  I'm thinking we're going.  

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