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Sunday, January 23, 2011

10 days later...

Do you know how I can get ahold of Dr. Weissbluth?  I'd like to personally thank him for the return of my sanity.  I've been a little too superstitious to blog about Lucy's sleep, didn't want to jinx things.  I know that's silly but when you've been where I've been, you don't take chances.  It's 6:47 and I just laid Lucy down, without so much as a whimper, this has become her routine.  No more patting Lucy to sleep, creeping out of her bedroom, only for her to awaken 15 minutes later to start the process over--often for 2+ hours.  She's napping too--twice a day. It hit me this afternoon when she was napping and Kevin was sledding with the girls.  Rather that fearing this sleep might be my one chance to get something done, I laid on the couch in front of the fire and read!  In just a few days of Lucy going to bed easily at night, sleeping in longer stretches and napping again, I'm caught up (marginally) with laundry, the house is (fairly) clean, I've worn jeans not "workout" (oh the humor in that ) clothes, I feel able to listen and carry on a conversation and I don't feel the buzzing in my head that too little sleep and too much caffeine brings.  I'm back and it feels so good.  

ellie-  she is sleeping finally i feel good for her
That pretty much sums it up (Ellie typed that herself!).

Of course I couldn't resist taking a few photos of my sled riders before diving into my book!
                                                               Our sleeping beauty!


Nwunye said...

I hope you see this comment - I just read your posts on doing Weissbluth for your baby. Right now, my 6 month old is SCREAMING on Night 3 of Weissbluth. It's so hard to not go in there and rock him to sleep. One of your posts said "10 days later". I wanted to ask: did it take all 10 days? How many days until your baby was maybe crying 5-10 mins before sleeping? My baby has ranged 45 minutes to 90 minutes of crying before sleeping. I guess I'm looking for assurances that I will start to see some improvement soon. Thank you soooo much!

Melissa said...

Hi, It did take 10 days. We had one horrible night when she slept for 45 minutes or so, woke up, screamed for 45, slept for 45...AWFUL!!! I cannot remember how long it took to get to the only 5 minute stage but honestly it was hard. It's been 10 days since you left this message so I really hope things are going better!!!