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Saturday, January 15, 2011

35 and Day 2

35?!  A great day was had ringing in the first day of Kevin's new year.  Even after 15 years of birthdays together I still think he's tops.   Happy Birthday to my thoughtful, handsome, generous, super smart husband.  I love you!

Day 2 of the Weissbluth plan

Good news for last night.  We put Lucy down at 7, she cried until 7:05.  Babysitter came.  We told her to let Lu cry for a few more minutes then to go and pick her up.  Texted sitter at 7:45, baby was still asleep!! Got home at 9:45, baby was still asleep!!  Lucy slept until 1:30!  Fed her then she slept until 5:30!  Fed her, then she slept until 8!

Nap 1- 9:45, cried for 3 minutes, slept until 11:37

Nap 2- 2:15, cried 5 minutes, slept until 4:15

Bed- Down at 6:45, screaming like a banshee as I write this at 7:05.  Oh boy.

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