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Friday, January 7, 2011

Simple and Sweet

I go to the bank once, maybe twice a month--and by bank I mean the ATM.  This morning we stopped at the ATM---ugh, it was out of service.   I had to use the dinosaur drive-up teller.  Who the heck uses that thing?   Ellie was curious about what in the world we were doing.  I explained step by step, she was  mesmerized as she watched me open up the plastic capsule, place my deposit inside and send it away.  We both watched as the plastic tube swallowed up our capsule and delivered it to the lady behind the window.  As I watched, I remembered with fondness the Saturday morning ritual of going to the bank as a kid...and the lollipop..the best part.  And just like that, our friendly bank teller asked "how many lollipops do we need " I turned around in time to catch the most fabulously huge smile on Ellie's face.  After a lovely red lollipop was delivered in our tube and we drove away,  Ellie and I decided the ATM is totally old news, we're drive up window girls.

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